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Tutoring Excellence


Alpha Tuition provides extra lessons in all school subjects. The management of Alpha Tuition always select tutors personally, ensuring a standard of tutors that can only be found at Alpha. Tutors are not only top academic achievers, but also boast the confidence that suits the tutoring experience. Always role models, our tutors aim to create a working relationship with their students, encouraging and inspiring them to reach their potentials.

Extra Lessons with a personal tutor is an excellent way to supplement your child's education. Our tutors ensure that learners are up to date with work covered in class; they explain concepts that have not been fully grasped and act as useful studying aids in preparing for tests and exams.

For your convenience, our tutors travel to your home so that extra lessons can take place in the familiar and comfortable surroundings of the learner's usual workplace.

Do not stall. The sooner tuition begins, the sooner you will reap the benefits. Help your children achieve their potential by having a tutor guide them through the year.